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Ministry Still Moves

By - Jim Reynolds

As I write this on March 24, social distancing is the phrase of the day. Isolation seems to be the social norm and we are left wondering what can possibly be next. Just the fact that I must date this story is a statement in itself; events are unfolding very rapidly. By the time this gets to your home everything will have changed. If we have been studying our Bibles we should not be surprised. Jesus describes catastrophic events like labor pains. They will come closer and closer together until God finally says enough is enough. At this moment churches have closed. We are told to stay six feet from one another and not to meet in groups of any size. “How do we continue to share the gospel with the world through all of this,” is the question for today? 

At Ultimate Mission we believe ministry still moves—it has to. If one method is shut down, we must find another. The Ultimate Mission Neighborhood Connection program inspired hundreds of Adventist to build connections with their neighbors during the last two years when times were still good. Now those of us who took advantage of the program are spending time checking with, praying with, and comforting our neighbors. The health workers in India are doing an amazing job educating people on how to avoid the corona virus. Through the work that they are doing in the local schools, churches, and homes, these workers are building relationships that can last through eternity. We are using social media to preach, connect, and even to give Bible studies. No matter the pestilence, no matter the storm, ministry still moves.   

Ultimate Mission has resources and ideas that can help you find a way to continue in ministry through the worst of times. Please do not hesitate to ask for our help. I in turn will not hesitate to ask for yours. Life just got really hard, but we can’t stop now. People are looking for answers. People need Jesus. We know that Jesus is the Answer. I need your help while the hearts of so many are still open. Please join us in prayer, financial support, and ministry as we move to proclaim the soon coming of Jesus Christ to the world. 


Jim Reynolds Ultimate Mission
April 01, 2020

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