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Where will you be May 5, 2019?

We hope you can be in the Portland, Oregon area for our Ultimate Mission Banquet at 4 pm at the Gladstone Park Banquet Hall. We would love the opportunity to see you and share exciting stories of lives being touched by Ultimate Mission’s medical missionaries. If you can attend, you are in for a treat!

We will serve delicious food representing places Ultimate Mission has worked: The Philippines, Honduras, and India. Our Ultimate Mission chefs are the best! Our auction prizes include a dinner cruise on a private yacht on the Columbia River, a Trail Blazer basketball signed by the 2018/2019 team, stays at resort hotels, and a beach house vacation.

Go to to RSVP your seats or call me at 503.891.6040. We can also help you find hotel rooms.

Lives Touched in India

Our team landed in India January 22 and hit the ground running. Stan Orser with Pastor Chinnaiah went one way through East Central India and my wife and I went with Uma Chinnaiah the other way. Pastor Chinnaiah and his wife Uma are full time native employees working for our program in India. We visited 7 sections (conferences,) 53 villages, and 67 of our medical missionaries. There isn’t enough room in this newsletter to share all the stories we heard and the things we saw!

I saw two elderly women who had been widowed and abandoned being lovingly cared for by our medical missionaries. One of the widows was living in what they called a cow shed. The elderly woman referred to our medical missionary as her angel. The health worker brought her food and checked on her during the day – and even took her to doctors’ appointments. Seeing the old woman bent and frail, missing all but three teeth, lying on a cot in the shed with hay and cow dung all around her was enough to bring a grown man to tears. Knowing that our worker was there for her, and that Ultimate Mission was playing a small part in the old woman’s care, brought me incredible joy that is impossible to describe.

I visited a remote village that took us hours to get to. Our worker there was one of our best. She took me around the village and showed me the trees and plants where she harvested leaves and bark to make natural remedies. Most of the women we train already have an interest in medical ministry. The training we give them only whets their appetite for more. They will start reading books and searching online to learn all they can. The worker took us to a home where a five-year-old boy had drunk kerosene. When the family brought the boy to our health worker, she told them to take the boy to the hospital immediately. While they waited for the father to find someone with a car, the boy started throwing up. Our health worker did her best to keep him from aspirating and then knelt down with the mother and started to pray. Praise God! They got the boy to the doctor in time. When I saw him with his mother he had fully recovered.

We had traveled about five miles down the road from that village when a man on a motorcycle started waving at us and chasing us down. Earlier that day another man on a motorbike would not leave us alone and kept trying to get money from us. It was dark now and we were a long way from anywhere so we tried to ignore him and just keep driving, but the man kept honking and waving. He was so persistent that I finally asked the driver to pull over to find out what this crazy motorbike driver wanted. Turned out it was the father of the five-year-old boy that had recovered from drinking kerosene. When he found out we had been to the village and he had missed us, he tore down the road to catch us. All he wanted to do was to shake my hand and tell me thank you for the part we played in saving his son’s life.

It is my privilege to now pass that “thank you” on to you. God could do all of this without us, but He has chosen to do it with us. It is overwhelming to me that God would trust us with this incredible responsibility. What a privilege we have been given to work shoulder to shoulder with the almighty God! Thank you Father.

Pray. Pray. Pray.



Jim Reynolds Ultimate Mission
April 25, 2019

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