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About Ultimate Mission

Ultimate Mission is a lay ministry training and project management group. We believe that the lion’s share of spreading the gospel is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit using regular people just like you. Our goal is to help train, organize, energize, and empower Christians to finish the work of spreading the gospel to the world.

Have you ever thought about what the most important thing is that you could do with your life? That is your Ultimate Mission. Ultimate Mission is an organization that seeks to help others fulfill their Ultimate Mission. It is just that simple. We are a group of volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds working together to make a difference, by helping other people to fulfill their Ultimate Mission.

We believe the most important thing we can do with our lives is to help others fulfill their Ultimate Mission. Anyone can see that that is a broad goal, so what are we doing in practical terms to fulfill our ultimate mission?

Molly Geddes

Several years ago we were approached by Molly Geddes, a retired nurse, who wanted to make a difference by introducing people to her hope in Christ, simply by teaching them how to manage their health and control their blood pressure. Molly was getting older and wanted to leave behind a legacy of health and hope. Molly has since passed away but her legacy lives on Healthy Heart Teams across the Northwest, who every week, save lives from an early and preventable death from high blood pressure. We call that Ultimate Mission, Healthy Heart.

A few years ago, Asian Aid asked Ultimate Mission to provide health screenings and education to a slum school and orphanage in India. We were able to provide them with good solid data on the health Asian Aid concerns facing their children at these facilities as well as health screenings and education targeted to those areas of concern. We were able to help Asian Aid with their mission to give these kids a healthy, happy, and productive life. We completed an Ultimate Mission together.

At the same time, we had a request to train several Bible workers in India how to teach Public Health in their villages. We took those Bible Workers and some of the kids from the orphanage to the local villages and they started transforming lives. Our first success story from that trip was when a worker and his wife completed an emergency delivery of a baby on the side of the road. In that situation and in many others Ultimate Mission gave a baby an unexpected chance at a healthy life. We completed an Ultimate Mission together.

A few years ago, we began teaching women in India how to be Village Health Workers. Women who told us they often struggled against a sense of hopelessness and inability to find a sense of purpose. Today more than 70 women in India write us regularly telling us about their newfound sense of confidence, purpose, and mission. They share stories of people saved from snakebites, amputations of infected limbs, from pain: saved from suffering and many times from death because there was a woman trained in First Aid and basic Public Health. Today, many more women in India have a chance to fulfill their Ultimate Mission, to spread Health and Hope, and that is the Ultimate Mission we call Healthy Heart India.

Today our Volunteers are fulfilling their Ultimate Mission and touching thousands of lives giving each person another chance to fulfill their Ultimate Mission. That is our true Ultimate Mission to start a chain reaction, so everyone we touch will be inspired to fulfill their Ultimate Mission, and in turn to inspire those around them to do the same.

In all fields, nigh and afar off, men will be called from the plow and from the more common commercial business vocations that largely occupy the mind, and will be educated in connection with men of experience. As they learn to labor effectively, they will proclaim the truth with power. Through most wonderful workings of divine providence, mountains of difficulty will be removed, and cast into the sea. The message that means so much to the dwellers upon the earth, will be heard and understood. Men will know what is truth. Onward and still onward the work will advance, until the whole earth shall have been warned; and then shall the end come. — Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 96. {ChS 24.3}
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