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Ultimate Mission is a lay ministry training and project management group. We believe that the lion’s share of spreading the gospel will be done by the power of the Holy Spirit using regular people just like you. Our goal is to help train, organize, energize, and empower Christians to finish the work of spreading the gospel to the world.

15. The Church Plant - Episode 2: Angela Whitbeck

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Find out about our newest project in one of the toughest mission fields on the planet.

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Ultimate Mission Sponsor WomenUltimate Mission Sponsor Women
What We Do
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Helping people connect with people.

helping people connect


and it shall be given onto you.

Sponsored People

We have sponsored 109 women so far. Our goal is to train and sponsor 1,000 women in India to be medical missionaries. Become a sponsor for $70 a month and you will put one of our amazing women to work full time.

Health Visits in India

We have provided over 208,000 health visits to people in India so far. Make that number larger by giving to Ultimate Mission.

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